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Secure browsing is becoming a concern for a growing number of users, especially when it comes to sensitive personal and financial information. ZenMate for Chrome is here to make it easier for you to protect yourself: just install this extension on your Chrome browser.

The extension encrypts all of your browser traffic, unblocks geographic restrictions, and protects your privacy by encrypting your connection and protecting you from all kinds of spies and hackers in the simplest way possible: by taking care of it for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

By masking your IP, ZenMate allows you to browse the Internet with no restrictions; your identity is hidden and your data stored in a different country. ZenMate provides you with the best privacy possible so that you can visit any webpage you so choose, even those that are normally restricted in your home country. Basically, all of your online activity is encrypted.

ZenMate includes an additional layer of security that encrypts normal websites to give you and your sensitive information the best possible protection, especially in regards to online shopping and bank transfers.

The best part of this application is its ease of use. Now anyone can protect themselves while they browse, no matter how much - or little - they know about computers.